Richard Remenick
My late father was the well known Philadelphia area painter and Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts instructor,  Seymour Remenick.  One of the beautiful things about the last few years for me has been the opportunity to be a student of my father's students, namely,  Christine Lafuente and Giovanni Casadei.  I have taken classes at Fleisher Institute in Phila with Giovanni (and Stanley Bielen) and I have attended seminars in Brooklyn with Christine.  I like to think that I am somehow keeping a connection with my father through my study with his students, and through them, a connection with a deep tradition of painting in Philadelphia.

I have shown my work at the Chestnut Hill Gallery in Philadelphia, the Lansdowne Arts Festival, the Lancaster Museum of Art's community exhibition, and Sycamore Gallery in Lansdowne.

The guiding principle that I try to follow in my painting is to respond in an honest way to what I see, as opposed to what the painter Stuart Shils calls "taking inventory" which I understand to be an attempt to create a technical facsimile of "reality".  I may take the rest of my life to learn to stick to this commitment, but it would be a life well spent.
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