Richard Remenick
Still Lifes, Interiors, and Portraits
Astromeria, 10 x 7
Vase, bottle, and glass, 8 x 6
Strawberries and flowers, 7 x 8
Still Life with Mortar and Pestle, 12 x 9
Eggs, orange, and candleholder, 7 x 9
Daisies in a Green Vase, 10 x 8.75
Self-portrait, 8.5 x 7
Crockery, 7 x 8
The luxury of still life is that as a painter, I have less interference from the environment (changes in weather, sudden downpours,blazing sunlight, nosy tourists, marauding insects, etc).  Sometimes I can stumble into the studio, downhearted or hungover, and see something I've never seen before in a still life arrangement and that constitutes a whole new adventure.
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